Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Persuasive (Australia)

I think that you should go to Australia because you could see a lot of different animals such as the Tasmanian Devil, Koala, Wombat, etc. Australia also has "states'' which is what they call them.  It has nice beaches and a lot of tourist attractions. You can go visit the Great Barrier Reef. That is also one of the tourist attractions because you can go have fun going scuba diving.

More fun things that you can do is go swimming at one of the beaches. If you did that you could see the different animals that live near the ocean. Australia is also famous for their Outback. The Outback is really dry and muggy and has nothing around it at all. One of the animals that lives in the Outback is the Kangaroo.

Haley Beert

Something I learned about Australia

Something I learned about Australia is that it is made up of 7 states

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My first RSS feed is my blog. (haley's blog) I chose this because it is my blog. My second one is my friends blog.(trissa's blog) I chose this because it is my best friends blog. My third one is the you tube one because I look on you tube a lot. My next one is the Amazon one because that is our houses website and it has all of our homework/assignments. My last one is the real annoying orange website because I think the annoying orange is so funny!

The Crush

In the story The Crush, a man named Ernie is in love with a store clerk named Dolores. Dolores is not the average woman that you would think somebody would have a crush on. First of all, she has a tattoo on her arm that has a coyote on it. Secondly, she has a little mustache. And her hair is kind of greasy.

In this story Ernie is very interested in flowers. When his mom died Ernie cried and cried. He was forced to move out of his house and the only thing he took with him was a box full of seeds. When he moved, he met a man named Jack. Since Ernie was kind of slow, Jack helped Ernie be a little more outspoken.

Dolores became better too. She washed out that grease in her hair, and shaved her upper-lip. She also started to wear nicer clothes to work. I think she was taking more pride in herself. She looked taller and was nicer to the customers. I think a lot of the characters in this book had changed. Especially Dolores.